NetSuite Implementation

Get NetSuite effortlessly up and running with the support of Greenstep's team of experts!

We provide implementation services for the international NetSuite business platform. Greenstep's experts have many years of experience in NetSuite implementations and we always do them in a customer-centric way, utilizing agile methods and keeping in mind the business needs. We support our customers in both the use of the platform and the business development expertise, and we serve as a strategic partner before, during and after the implementation.

Cooperation between the customer and Greenstep is very important during the implementation phase, and the best result is obtained when the customer is committed to the project. Implementation and all the steps involved are very transparent: we always keep in touch with customers proactively and the customer can closely monitor the progress of projects. Also, changes to plans can be made even during an accelerated schedule if necessary. In this way, we ensure that the customer gets what they want and need to run their business efficiently with NetSuite.

Implementation process of NetSuite

New processes and the introduction of a new business platform is a significant change for the organization, and we serve as an important support for our customers in change management throughout the process. In the configuration phase, we get an overview of the customer’s business and processes, and based on that, we prepare the necessary materials and make a plan. The deployment project is done in different sprints, which usually involves the following steps:

  1. Kick-off: We work with stakeholders to ensure that everyone has a clear understanding of the project goals and schedule and agree on the progress of the project.
  2. Business mapping: We go through the customer’s business and create an accurate understanding of the various processes. We plan how the processes could potentially be further developed so that they optimally support the company’s growth strategy.
  3. Construction and validation: We configure the system and build models of business processes. Based on these, we perform the necessary analyzes and testing to ensure that the software supports the goals of all users.
  4. Implementation: You will have access to NetSuite. We provide user training as needed and support the change.
  5. Optimization: We keep on working with possible optimizations and after final validation the system is ready for use and we can move on to the go live phase.
  6. GO LIVE!

In the GO LIVE phase, the customer implements NetSuite for daily use. We support the customer throughout the GO LIVE phase and ensure that the use of the platform works smoothly throughout the organization. In addition to GO LIVE support, we also offer ongoing NetSuite support and development services to all our customers, as well as support from Greenstep's NetSuite team with our own service manager who can guide you through even the most difficult situations.