Are you thinking about selling your business? Or planning to expand it through acquisitions?

Selling a business is usually a very big decision for the owners. Similarly, acquiring a company or business is also a major project for the buyer.

Selling or buying a company can involve complex legal issues and tax consequences need to be carefully considered. It is beneficial in many ways to choose an experienced partner to assist with acquisitions. You know you are in good hands and the process will be carried out in the right way and all legal and tax-related issues are taken care of.

Experienced lawyers assist you in legal matters throughout the transaction process

In addition to legal advice and possible due diligence, our lawyers will prepare the documentation related to the transaction, such as:

  • Confidentiality Agreement
  • Letter of Intent
  • Due diligence report
  • Deed of sale
  • Shareholders' agreement (if applicable)
  • Commentary on financial documentation (if applicable)
  • Company law decisions
  • Trade Register related matters

We provide services in three languages, Finnish, Swedish and English, and handle both domestic and international transactions.

Looking for comprehensive support for your business transaction? Did you know that Greenstep also offers comprehensive Transaction Services for M&A situations? Find out more about our transaction services here.