Go Global With NetSuite

Does your company operate internationally or are you going abroad and need support? Through Greenstep, you have access to both a scalable NetSuite platform and experienced experts to build and support successful international business.

NetSuite is a globally operating, dynamic business platform that provides excellent support for a company’s business to grow and go global. NetSuite is a fully cloud-based software that allows you to see the status of all your company's core operations clearly and in real time, regardless of location. Easily accessible information makes international business management and decision-making easier and more efficient for the entire organization.

Exploit globalization by expanding your business anywhere around the world with Greenstep

With the right, growth-oriented attitude, and interest in business development, you can go a long way, but with Greenstep and NetSuite, you can expand to anywhere in the world. Greenstep's experts have strong expertise in building international business and we support our customers at various stages of internationalization. NetSuite provides the tools you need for change and growth, and its scalability allows you to build a platform to meet your specific business needs. The platform has extensive features that the company can deploy as needed as its operations expand and change.

NetSuite is trusted by more than 40,000 organizations in more than 160 countries around the world. This means that NetSuite has huge resources to meet the needs of the company, regardless of location. Once you have set up NetSuite, you will have access to, among other things:

  • 190+ currencies with automatic exchange rate input
  • 90+ bank payment methods
  • 20+ user interface languages
  • Support for 160+ countries and regions
  • Translations for 200+ countries and regions
  • 100+ different countries for tax accounting & reporting

There are still considerably fewer NetSuite users in Finland than in the rest of the world. NetSuite is best managed and initialized by international subsidiaries with the help of skilled local partners. Through Greenstep, you have access to a comprehensive network, which includes e.g. initialization consultants and local support and financial services. Here you can read more about the MSI Global network, which includes Greenstep as the accounting member firm in Finland and Sweden.