Restructuring services

Thinking of a merger or other form of corporate restructuring? Adopt to change with our help.

Corporate restructuring is a change in the company's current corporate structure for economic, business or tax reasons. The purpose of the restructuring process may be, for example, to reduce the balance sheet in order to retain key personnel, clarify the group structure or prepare for a takeover.

The most common restructuring measures are

  • merger
  • transfer of assets
  • exchange of shares
  • division

The restructuring strategies mentioned above can be combined with, for example, share issues, share deals and takeovers.

Tax and legal considerations in your favour

The implementation of corporate restructuring is always a combination of tax and company law. Greenstep's legal, tax, finance and transaction experts will assist you professionally along the way.

We combine the expertise of tax and corporate law specialists to ensure successful restructuring.

Restructuring processes are usually divided into these stages:

  1. Planning of corporate restructuring (so-called "creative work")
  2. Tax validation (advance ruling)
  3. Implementation according to corporate law
  4. Accounting implementation and consultancy

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