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Greenstep Customer Stories

We provide services for over 2 000 companies from different sectors. Our expertise covers global solutions for a wide range of organisations such as start-ups, Saas and growth companies, associations, expert organisations and listed companies.

Take a look at the versatile customer stories below. In our philosophy, the customer is always at the center!

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Riikka Ylikoski Betolar craft
2 min read

International growth company Betolar made a successful transition to IFRS with the help of Greenstep

For Betolar, Greenstep represents more than just financial consultancy; it embodies a holistic business partner. In addition to financial matters, Greenstep's diverse team of experts aids Betolar in building competitive operations on the global stage.

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As a Greenstep's customer

You will have a designated customer manager who's responsible for taking care of and developing our relationship. We live in the client company's business to paint strategic guidelines together at regular intervals.