Generational transfer of a company is both a tax and a company law issue

Passing on your business to the next generation requires careful planning. With Greenstep's experienced tax and legal experts by your side, you can trust the process goes as smooth as possible.

As a first step, it is important to determine whether the generation-skipping transfer relief under the Inheritance and Gift Tax Act is applicable to the transfer of the business. Almost without exception, this is ensured by a preliminary tax ruling.

Succesful generational transfer aims for positive continuity and development of the company

Business' generational transfer can be a long and challenging process. Greenstep's experts will work with you to design the right way to pass the company on to the next generation.

We can help you with tax clearance, company law and contract law. We will draw up an application for a preliminary ruling and other necessary documents, such as deeds of gift or sale and shareholders' agreements. If necessary, we can also carry out an amendment to the articles of association.