NetSuite Support Service

Greenstep's support services provide fast, local and high-quality service to companies that use NetSuite. We also provide support services to those companies that have initialized NetSuite with another service provider. The customer satisfaction of Greenstep's support services is at a very high level.

Our support services are designed to truly meet the needs of our customers. Our services are not just technical support but the cooperation of multidisciplinary teams, where the customer's business is at the center of attention. Greenstep stands out from its competitors with a team of 700+ financial experts to develop the customer's business. Our support works above business needs - we genuinely support customers from a financial and process perspective.

In NetSuite projects, our support services often begin to overlap with the final phase of initialization. The need for support services depends on the customer’s organization and the extent to which the customer has been involved in e.g. the testing and implementation phase.

Our support services are divided into three parts:

  1. Administrator support
  2. Disruption management
  3. Change and development management

Admin Support is training on using NetSuite from minor issues to larger issues. Such support may be required, for example, if a user begins to use NetSuite without any experience with the software.

Disruption Management refers to support designed to respond quickly to disruptions in the NetSuite environment.

Change and Development Management includes all customer-requested changes to the NetSuite environment. We act proactively and suggest changes whenever we see them as beneficial to a customer’s business. Often, the development of NetSuite is done as the customer's business changes.

SLA Support

We follow the Service Level Agreement model in our support activities. SLA support guarantees a pre-defined level of service for the customer. All NetSuite support requests to Greenstep are categorized and the boundary conditions are described to the customer and defined for the different categories. For example, in support requests categorized as critical, we promise customers a response within 2 hours and a solution within 4 hours of submitting the support request. We are accurate in meeting SLA definitions and provide SLA reports on all support requests if desired.