Current State Analysis

A company faces many changes during its life cycle. Whether these changes are due to external or internal factors, it is always good to know the current state of the company’s processes. A new strategy, unexpected staff changes, or additional funding are good examples of situations where a good understanding of the current state of financial management is needed.

Greenstep's current state analysis (CSA) of financial management helps your company to map the current state of financial management performance. This will support your company in planning for the future and making decisions by helping you use your company’s resources more efficiently. An outside, independent expert often sees behind established practices and can challenge and analyze their effectiveness. Greenstep employs more than 300 professionals in various areas of financial administration with extensive experience that covers almost all industries. As a result, knowledge from different industry best practices helps our professionals to map the current state of your company and achieve the target future state.

The current state analysis is suitable for all companies that aim to develop their operations and the efficiency of their financial management. Whether or not your company has a clear picture of the target future state, at Greenstep we are here to support you in developing your business. A clear understanding of the current situation is crucial in order to achieve the target future state.

The Current State Analysis can be carried out with a focus on specific areas of financial management, or it can target all economic processes more broadly. The assignment can map out, for example:

  • Management, structure and resourcing
  • Accounting, sales, and purchase invoicing processes
  • Mapping out the information system used
  • Internal accounting and cost center structure
  • Working hours monitoring, payroll and expense claim process
  • Financial forecasting and budgeting
  • Operational and financial key performance indicators (KPIs)

The current state analysis carried out by a Greenstep expert will give you an insight into the development areas in financial management and how to move forward (quick measures / longer development projects).

The analysis can also compare how companies in the same size group have organized their financial management in comparable industries and business models.

  • The scope of the service is always scaled according to the nature of the business and the size of the company
  • We always provide an experienced expert or a team for the job
  • The mapping is always accompanied by appropriate documentation, which can serve as a roadmap for follow-ups (projects, system selections, bids, etc.).

At Greenstep, we want to help your company achieve and exceed your goals!