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Our services for listed companies

As a comprehensive partner, we are able to serve listed companies of different sizes in a way that suits each company.

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Supporting the listed companies

As a long time partners of listed companies, we have noticed that additional hands are often needed, especially when figures are need to be up-to-dat and the planned progress of projects is closing its deadline. Extra pair of competent hands are needed, for example, when the dates of earnings announcements have to be announced publicly in advance.

The greatest risk in the implementation of the plans lies in the sudden redundancies of employees or in a parental leave and sick leave. In these cases, our experienced experts rush into the trouble, ensuring the smooth and high-quality operation of the teams without interruption. We provide temporary Business Controllers, CFOs and project managers to support the financial management of listed companies. We also support our customers in the IFRS reporting required from listed companies, as well as in financial management analytics and reporting.

Especially for smaller listed companies, we are able to perform the basic functions of financial administration as a fully outsourced service. Often, the entire financial accounting becomes outsourced, which we take care of with the help of experienced professionals and deputy arrangements. Together, we want seize into your business of your company to tailor our service package to suit your needs. Our goal is to streamline the daily lives of our customer companies.

We have worked with several listed companies on NetSuite projects where, in the initial situation, simple software compared to the company's operations has not enabled global ERP. With NetSuite, the management of international charts and subsidiaries is effortless when the entire ERP system is designed to meet the company's needs.