Interim Data Analyst / CDO

An urgent need to develop analytics, but it feels difficult or even impossible to find an experienced enough Data Analyst / CDO to do the work? Or would you need the data expert for only a few days a week?

Greenstep's 40 experienced data experts are here to help you on a fast schedule!

Greenstep provides interim Data Analyst / CDO services for companies of all sizes, from growth companies to large listed companies. Our Data Analysts / CDOs have an extensive expertise portfolio that enables us to serve our clients in numerous industries worldwide. Our team's special expertise covers, e.g., performance management, business intelligence, automation, integrations, data warehousing, and BI tools.

There is fierce competition for experienced data analytics professionals in the current market. Finding a suitable person for one's own payroll is often tricky, even if the need was already there yesterday. That's why many companies rely on our interim experts!

Some companies utilize our interim Data Analyst / CDO services from the very beginning of launching analytics projects, while some companies need help to develop further or maintain existing reports and processes. The Interim Data Analyst / CDO service is also a good solution when a company needs an experienced data expert part-time.

Interim Data Analyst or CDO with an expertise portfolio tailored to your needs

From us, you can get an experienced CDO to lead and show direction to your entire analytics team or an experienced Data Analyst to complete your team. If needed, our Interim CDO will also help train and build your own analytics team and onboard the in-house CDO if you decide to hire one in the future.

Interim Data Analyst / CDO brings the expertise of an entire analytics house to you

Data analytics is quite scalable, and similar elements repeat in projects. The things that take a couple of hours from an experienced expert in data analytics often take several days from an inexperienced person. The high level of experience and expertise also significantly reduces the errors and costs of the project. In most cases, buying experienced help outside the organization may be the most cost-efficient solution concerning the price/quality ratio.

If our experts encounter challenges regarding projects or solutions, our entire 40-person team will support them and help find the right solution for your needs. We also invest heavily in Greenstep's in-house training to keep our experts on the cutting edge. At the same time, our interim Data Analyst and CDO share the same expertise with your in-house team members.

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