Sustainability Reporting

Sustainability reporting communicates the purposefulness and significance of sustainability work for the business. The report responds to stakeholder expectations and needs of information.

Sustainability reporting starts with the definition of priorities, the construction of metrics, and data collection. In reporting, it is essential to consider, clarify and compare the expectations and needs of the stakeholders. Reporting provides a credible picture of the importance of responsibility for the business. Greenstep's experts are responsible for coordinating data collection and metrics. The experts help select the most appropriate reporting framework (e.g., Global Reporting Initiative) for the customer's business, and sustainability management in the organization is defined.

We are also constantly developing our sustainability reporting. You may look into our sustainability report here.

Benefits of sustainability reporting:

  • Responding to stakeholder expectations and information needs
  • Targeted communication of the sustainability work
  • The clarity in goal setting and metrics
  • Sustainability as a part of business development