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A comprehensive partner for franchising companies

The franchising business model has its own characteristics that require optimized processes, accurate and consistent reporting, and professional business guidance. Greenstep provides comprehensive financial management and HR services to franchisees, taking into account the needs and goals of both the chain and individual entrepreneurs.

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Helping franchisees to succeed

Greenstep helps franchisees in their business management and works for the goals set for both the chain and individual entrepreneurs.

The chain is as strong as its weakest link, so the consistency of financial management is one of the most important success factors for franchise chains. When reporting processes are consistent throughout the organization, the clear picture of the business and financial situation of the entire chain is obtained. This helps in decision-making, better use of the resources, as well as in identifying potential problem areas. With the help of Greenstep's experts, reporting is handled professionally and transparently, and we make reporting even clearer to all parties using dynamic Microsoft Power BI-based solutions.

The efficiency of reporting is improved by high-quality accounting. Automating the purchase invoices and account statements provides speed and accuracy. Accounting is one of Greenstep's core services, and as our customer you can be sure that the entire chain's accounting is carried out in a unified manner and according to the agreed schedule. Payroll is another Greenstep's core competency, where reliability and accuracy are key. When the basics of a business are in order in a chain company and run smoothly with the help of a professional team and modern systems, entrepreneurs have more time for their core business.

In addition to ongoing services, we also offer franchise companies project-type consulting. At the franchise level, we help, for example, to interpret key figures or create common financial management practices, which makes it easier to perceive and take forward the overall picture of operations. Our experts also guide individual entrepreneurs in the development of their operations, for example by educating the general guidelines of financial administration, tax practices and operating models in different situations.

Our experts are also happy to help with other challenges related to the operation of the franchise company our specialized HR-team assists you in important personnel-related issues, such as creating common HR practices for the entire chain, harmonising culture or interpreting labor law. If you have any tax issues, our tax experts will help you resolve them. In other special situations, such as acquisitions or generational changes, Greenstep also offers comprehensive CFO expert services.