Listing on the stock exchange is an excellent opportunity to raise new capital for business development. We at Greenstep are happy to support you in the process.

The listing process involves a lot of preparatory work, where the help of an external expert is crucial. At the same time, the in-house expertise of the company planning for listing increases.

Going public is a big decision and the partner you choose to support it plays an important role in making it happen. Greenstep has been supporting with IPOs for several years.

Listing services – supporting you in the preparation of an IPO

Greenstep's team of external accounting experts is a trusted partner in the preparation and implementation of IPOs in Finland and other Nordic countries.

Our approach is comprehensive. The initial public offering (IPO) process takes the company forward as a whole, as a wide range of development work is carried out during the preparations for listing. The process improves the company's condition and internal capability, not only for the IPO but also for the future.

Greenstep's experienced team can help in many ways along the process, for example:

  • mapping the current situation and assessment of readiness for listing
  • developing basic financial management processes and IPO readiness
  • IPO due diligence
  • designing IPO readiness processes
  • advisory and consulting services for IPO implementation

The financial management of a company going public will face a number of new obligations, tasks, regulations and timetables. Often, the environment is also becoming increasingly hectic. The activities of listed companies are also subject to scrutiny by various bodies. External experts and advisers are practically indispensable for the company being listed.

"The cooperation with Greenstep was very helpful throughout the entire IPO process. We received support both in clarifying the IFRS issues and in the practical work. As the business has expanded, we have always had support and more experts on the team when needed."

Life after the IPO

In addition to a successful listing, we want to ensure that your company's knowledge of the listing rules grows with the process. Compliance with reporting and disclosure obligations is already routine once the journey as a listed company begins.

At Greenstep, we can also help you with other listing-related projects. We have been involved in projects such as:

  • reviewing internal controls, suggestions for improvement and building descriptions and control tests
  • developing accounting manual
  • improving the forecasting process
  • improving and automating the reporting process
  • reviewing the content of interim reports
  • IFRS conversions

Contact us to discuss the best solutions for you in relation to the listing process!