Sustainability Materiality workshop

Have you considered starting sustainability work in your company? Our Sustainability Materiality workshop gives you a quick and safe start!

The Sustainability Materiality workshop is an inspiring and practical start to sustainability work. As a result, a sustainability roadmap will be built on the customer's needs.

Sustainability Materiality workshop is designed as an entity that meets the customer's needs. Based on the discussions and preliminary material, Greenstep's experts map the current state of the customer's sustainability work. The Sustainability Roadmap includes tools for defining materiality: the roadmap guides impact assessment and the collection of stakeholder expectations.

With the help of the workshop, we will form the customer's first sustainability program, and the first concrete goals for sustainability work are named. The workshop will discuss how to manage sustainability and the reporting practices that suit the needs of the company and stakeholders.

Sustainability Materiality workshop includes:

  • The sustainability roadmap
  • The first steps of the sustainability program
  • A way of managing and reporting sustainability

Benefits of the Sustainability Materiality workshop:

  • The roadmap provides a clear picture of sustainability from the customer's business perspective
  • An inspiring start to purposeful sustainability work
  • Setting the first concrete goals
  • Tools for internal and external communication on accountability