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BI Book

We will build an automated BI-reporting system for you in a heartbeat!

The core benefits of BI Book

  • Visual and clear view - use ready-made reports or customize them for your needs
  • See the big picture of your business - drill through the figures up to the document level
  • Restrict visibility of reports with different rights - share viewing and editing rights for different users and groups
  • Up-to-date reporting with automatic data update - also possible for self-updating

BI Book is a reporting system that helps you to produce significant and visually attractive reports based on your financial data. BI Book is built on Microsoft Power BI -platform so it will automatically produce BI-reports, and you can use it as a presenting tool as well. With BI Book we can build a modern reporting system with Power BI that is tailored to meet your specific needs. Further, you don’t need to worry about acquiring the appropriate Microsoft licenses as we will take care of this for you. We will also create your own virtual working space for Power BI Service (cloud space) where you can find more Microsoft features to use. For example, scheduling reports will be executed via Power BI Service.

BI Book is a perfect tool to ease both managing and sharing reports. It is easy to use as you can gather the most important reports to a single place as well. You can integrate BI Book with any other BI tool (Tableau, Looker, Qlik Sense, QlikView, etc.) without any coding skills or database of your own.

In BI Book, it is possible for users to create, update and delete their own reports and add new sources of data. You can choose from different levels of rights and manage users’ access to data both inside and outside your organization. This allows our customers to implement more dynamic reporting and align it more closely to its core business. With only the push of a button, all the reports can be exported to Excel sheets. All the relations, such as dimensions, will be preserved and transferred to Excel to support the creation of versatile reports.

Analytics Onboarding Specialist Niklas Söderström tells about BI Book:

BI Book and Netvisor

BI Book is connected directly to Netvisor where it gathers all its accounting data. All the Power BI models and the data stored will update automatically, which guarantees that all reports and figures are always up to date. We are fully aware that accounting requires ongoing work as entries are entered and updated constantly. Therefore, BI Book is also designed to allow you to update the reports and background data by yourself in your own time. In both scenarios, automatic data validation is guaranteed by our models.

BI Book can be also integrated with numerous other accounting, - ERP, -CRM, -HR, - consolidation, and marketing systems. You can read more about the different integrations on the BI Book website!