Learning Management System Supporting Greenstep's Competence Development

Greenstep digitaalinen oppimisymparisto learn365
Marjut joentausta marjava

Marjut Joentausta-Marjava

L&D Consultant

In September 2023, we at Greenstep started to use a learning management system (LMS) provided by Zensai (formerly LMS365). It creates many opportunities to support the development and professional growth of our experts. Working life is changing rapidly, and with the help of an LMS, we can respond to these changes quickly and provide high-quality L&D events that are easily accessible to our experts.

Why do you need a learning management system?

Our company has been growing rapidly, and as the number of experts increased, the management of L&D events became more complex. With the LMS, we can follow real-time all the L&D events offered to the employees and their participation activity. We can also create approval chains, for example, to approve participation in training. We receive up-to-date reports on different activities and participation, and we can also automate certain management tasks.

LMS provides many opportunities to create different learning processes. We have created training paths, individual live training sessions that can be conducted either online via video or on-site at our offices, and self-study e-learning courses. Our employees can easily find all the L&D events in one place, and the system can be used on different devices.

How do you implement a learning management system?

The process of implementing an LMS requires familiarization and time, as not all systems available on the market are suitable for everyone's needs. We first identified the key criteria for what we needed and then familiarized ourselves with different systems and their features.

Greenstep Learn365 learning management system course catalogue

After selecting the system, we studied the chosen LMS's operational possibilities and tested it in a sandbox environment. We then began planning what previous information we would bring into the system and how to build all the content. Learning about the system itself is still ongoing, and we are constantly developing our practices and creating more diverse content to support the learning of our employees.

We can also help our customers in choosing and implementing an LMS. We also have pedagogical expertise in how to increase the attractiveness of training, how to motivate learners, and how to enhance learning in the customer's existing digital learning environment.

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