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Text Me Later

What does it take to succeed in an industry that is as fast-paced and mobile as its product? We texted ‘Hi’ to Petri Lahtinen, the CEO of Moi Mobile and this is what happened.

Words: Matilda Kivelä
Texting with Petri Lahtinen, CEO and Co-Founder of Moi Mobiili 

MK: HI! Who are you and what do you do?

PL: Moi 👍
I am founder and CEO of Moi Mobile Ltd.

MK: What is one thing that you’ve done that you’re really proud of?

PL: I got THE best team and partners and together we created a new 100% digital mobile operator online; a strong and inspirational brand, a scalable and flexible IT platform in the cloud - and extremely happy customers.

MK: How do you pick the right team to make your business succeed?

PL: You must understand what competencies you need and use your network. Never hire people who are similar to you!
...you´ve already got one of those 🙂

MK: A good team is #1 – but what are the realities of running a telecommunications company and how do you stay relevant?

PL: Competition is fierce against a new entrant and you´ve got to keep super motivated with your people and partners.

MK: What will the future of your industry look like and how are you preparing for it?

PL: 5G is coming and, in the future, everything will be IP-based data. Traditional voice and SMS will die as technology. You have to listen to your customers and do what they need and want.

MK: The future is moving fast. What’s next for Moi?

PL: With DNA Oyj, our new owner, we have the knowledge and resources to meet our customers´ needs and expectations. The future looks bright!

MK: We’re all looking forward to seeing what you’ll get up to next!
Thanks for the chat, Petri! 👌
Catch you later!

PL: Thank you and Moi Moi 🙂