Greenstep´s year 2021


New year is right behind the corner, and we want to thank you for this year together. It's also a great time to wrap this year by going through the most important events of the year. Like one year ago, we must admit that also this year was very special. We hope that we have been able to help your company to grow your business. Our mission is always to keep the customer in the heart of our work.

During this year, over 150 new Greensteppers have joined our family to share their expertise with you. In total, we have almost 500 employees around Nordics. We have expanded our office network by opening new offices in Vantaa, Mariehamn and Stockholm to help you even better locally. In addition, our cooperation with MSI Global Network gives partners to trust in over 100 countries. MSI is a worldwide network of high-quality accounting, payroll, tax, and legal firms.

Sustainability is a part of Greenstep's DNA

The shared Greenstep values: "Desire to help our customers, will to develop ourselves and our knowledge, passion for achieving together, and honesty and appreciation." help guide us in our sustainability efforts. Our sustainability progress is reported yearly according to the ESG-reporting framework, and you can view our last years' report here.

Furthermore, our brand-new sustainability consulting team is ready to back your company in any sustainability-related matter. Getting started with sustainability work might be tricky; we help you identify the most critical parts of your business from a sustainability perspective. After kick-off, the development and reporting of sustainability will be easier with us.

We are constantly looking for ways to make our society a better place to live in

At Greenstep, we want to help the less fortunate. We started a non-profit subsidiary of Greenstep: the Carestep cleaning company. Carestep helps long-term unemployed, immigrants and young people who deserve a chance to realise their full potential by employing them and investing in their education.

Equality at work is also something very close to our hearts. Last summer, we surveyed equality amongst Finnish companies, and the findings were exciting. We have started to share the results through articles to assist companies and individuals in recognising and developing themselves in terms of equality.

We didn't forget charity either. An annual work well-being challenge of ours did get Greensteppers to walk and cycle for a good cause. Every step and cycling kilometre helped fund several charity organisations. This year our team chose to support children's sports, COVID-19 vaccinations, cancer studies, and protecting nature.

Greenstep will invest 5M EUR in renewable energy projects 🌍

For the next five years, Greenstep will invest 10% of our profit in renewable energy projects within the countries where we operate. 5M EUR+ invested in 5 years; that's our minimum goal! We want to do our part in climate action and believe that these investments will help build a better future. Read more about our sustainability efforts here!

New “Together” Profit Share Program

Together, we will distribute 10% of the Greenstep Group's profit to the personnel for each fiscal year (including Oy, AB, Oü, Åland Ab, Renance). We want every Greenstep member to be an essential part of our success and enjoy the results of good work and success in the same way as shareholders do.

We wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!