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ERP Wizards

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Our podcast investigates the secrets of company success with top mentors. We also familiarize ourselves with the themes of sustainability to build a sustainable future for businesses, immerse ourselves in the extraordinary solutions of the art of Financial Management, HR, NetSuite and ERP, and extensively discuss the most interesting and current themes of the business world.

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ERP Wizards

Episode 1. Riku Venno, Greenstep & Esa Vasara, Happy Or Not: Key to successful ERP implementation

In this first episode of our ERP Wizard season, Greenstep’s experienced ERP Consultant and NetSuite Partner Riku Venno and HappyOrNot’s Director of Business Services Esa Vasara are cutting into how and where to start building the winning ERP strategy.

Episode 2. Jan Björklund, Greenstep: Building a successful ERP implementation team

The ERP should always be built to support the whole business. It requires knowledge of various business areas and a team with diverse specialties to support the implementation.

On the second episode of the ERP Wizards podcast, Greenstep’s Development Manager, Jan Björklund, shares his best tips on building a successful ERP implementation team.

Episode 3. Jan Björklund, Greenstep & Tatu Sipilä, Veikkaus: Project Manager in a successful ERP implementation

Project managers have a highly challenging task: they need to be the glue between all the groups attending to the project and keep all the project strings in their hands simultaneously.

In the third episode of the ERP Wizards podcast season, Greenstep’s Development Manager Jan Björklund and Veikkaus’ Product Portfolio Manager Tatu Sipilä share their tips on leading the ERP projects successfully.

Episode 4. Riku Venno & Tomi Holmberg, Greenstep: How to avoid the common pitfalls of ERP project?

What are the common pitfalls of an ERP project, and how to avoid them?

In the fourth episode of the ERP Wizards podcast season, Greenstep’s Partner and Head of NetSuite services, Riku Venno, and Senior Manager Tomi Holmberg will cut into what should be considered in the different phases of the ERP project to avoid the common mistakes and how the customer can ensure the efficient use of the system after the implementation.

ERP Wizards 5. Vesa Aaltonen & Tomi Holmberg: What a CFO should know about ERP?

CFO’s most important responsibility in the ERP project is to provide the right kind of circumstances for the team to do the work and succeed. Traditionally the CFO works as the project sponsor and an important part of the steering group.

In the fifth episode of the ERP Wizards podcast, Greenstep’s partner and experienced CFO Vesa Aaltonen and Senior Manager Tomi Holmberg cut into the role of CFO in a successful ERP implementation and share their tips.

Taloushallinnon taiturit (in Finnish)

Episode 1: Anne Kulla: Accounting and its Future

The first episode of the season covers the foundation of financial management, accounting. We interview Anne Kulla, Greenstep's top financial management and law expert, the corporate whisperer, a partner, and an office manager.

Episode 2: Katja Lisko: Accounting for Funds

In this episode, we cover private equity funds from the perspective of accounting. We interview Katja Lisko, Greenstep's experienced financial consultant and expert. We discuss what accounting for funds is like compared to the accounting of ordinary limited companies and what capital calls are, among other things.

Episode 3: Ari Vänskä: Interface Solutions in Accounting

The third episode covers accounting and systems interface solutions and what the accountant should know about them. We interview Ari Vänskä, a systems and deployment consultant at Greenstep, who has broad experience designing, implementing, and switching interface solutions.

Episode 4: Anna Paananen: Tips for E-commerce Accounting

In the fourth episode of the season, we discuss the accounting of e-commerces. A novice entrepreneur should involve an accounting professional already at the planning stage. A knowledgeable accountant provides gold-worthy support from the point where the entrepreneur chooses an e-commerce system.

Episode 5: Barbo Bruun & Oliver Lindholm: Finance and Accounting of Startups

The final episode of the season covers startups' financial management and accounting. So what is a startup company? It is a company, not more than a few years old, based on innovative ideas, only just developing its first product, and usually not yet making a profit.

Kestävyyden kirittäjät (in Finnish)

Episode 1: The changing themes of sustainability

In the first episode of our new season, we discuss the themes of changing sustainability with sustainability manager Anne Larilahti.

Episode 2: Efficiency is required to support sustainability

In the second episode, we interview Eeva Toivonen, the head of sustainable investing in Aktia. We discuss the challenges of sustainability for the investor — and, on the contrary, the investor's opportunities to influence climate change and sustainable development.

Episode 3: Cooperation resolves complex environmental challenges

In this episode, we discuss with Michaela Ramm-Schmidt, the CEO of Baltic Sea Action Group (BSAG). Our topic is the efforts and the role of BSAG in the conservation work of the polluted Baltic Sea. We discuss systemic changes and the importance of cooperation in challenging and complex situations.

Episode 4: Localness leading the way for sustainability work

We interview Miika Lipiäinen, the CEO of Kyrö Distillery, and discuss sustainability themes and how localness leads the way for their sustainability work. Also, getting perspective, listening to the world around us, and the importance of corporate citizenship in everyday activities were important issues that emerge from the discussion.

Episode 5: In favor of diversity

In the episode, we discuss diversity with Anneli Karlstedt. She has been Nokia's Director of Equality and Diversity since 2018.

Menestyksen mentorit (in Finnish)

Episode 1: Julianna Borsos, Bocap: How does diversity generate money?

In the first episode of Greenstep's new podcast series, we cover diversity, focusing on increasing revenue. We interview a seasoned professional in finance and venture capital, CEO of Bocap Group, and Ph.D. in business, Julianna Borso, on the subject.

Episode 2: Aki Soudunsaari, Naava Group Oy: Three things to know to succeed

This episode discusses three corporate success factors: building the company's team, generating customer experience, and invoicing. We interview Aki Soudunsaari, a health entrepreneur and founder of Naava Group Ltd.

Episode 3: Heikki Väänänen, HappyOrNot: How do your customers feel about your company

This episode looks at customer feedback, its importance and value, and how it could be used better in business development. Heikki Väänänen, the founder of HappyOrNot, participates in the discussion.

Episode 4: Terhi Karasjärvi, Visma Passeli Oy: Company culture is the company foundation

The fourth episode deals with corporate culture. Creativity and innovation flourish in a healthy corporate culture, and people are doing better and making better results. Business culture development is essential for businesses of all sizes and should be invested in, especially when the company is experiencing rapid growth. We discuss this topic with Terhi Karasjärvi, CEO of Visma Passeli Oy, a multi-matchmaker and top engineer in business culture.

Episode 5: Meri-Tuuli Laaksonen, Gubbe: Take care! The entrepreneur's well-being

This episode deals with employee well-being, how organizations should work to maintain it, what the well-being of employees affects, and the impact of one individual's well-being on the whole staff.

Episode 6: Charlotta Niemistö, Hanken School of Economics: Pidä huolta! Työntekijän hyvinvointi ja jaksaminen

The personnel is the company’s most important resource, often heard to be said. But what does the well-being of the staff actually affect? How should organizations work to maintain employee well-being?

Listen to the results of Charlotta Niemistö's research, and realize how the employee's well-being contributes to a company’s success!