Employee Experience

Would you also like more and more committed employees in your organization? The development and management of employee experience are crystallized in the culture, ie the company's values, operating methods, management practices, and communication.

The goal of the employee experience development project is to identify how, where, and when an employer can provide added value to employees and thereby ensure employee engagement and company growth. At the heart of the project is the Employer Value Proposition (EVP), which states:

  • What experts receive in return for their input
  • Why an expert chooses the company
  • How a company serves employees and another way around

The result of the employee experience development project is to define the company’s Employer Value Proposition and to make a concrete plan for how employee experience will be conducted throughout the life cycle of the employment.

Greenstep’s Employer Value Proposition:

By offering versatile challenges and flexibility in everyday life we want to ensure that all of our employees can develop and reach their full potential.

Our goal is to create a work community where a good team spirit, skilled colleagues and a sustainable working environment encourages us to exceed the expectations of both ourselves and our customers.

An inspiring employee experience is reflected in a high-quality customer experience and has a positive effect on the company's results and productivity. Research states that companies who invest in employee experience have more committed personnel and, as a result, higher profitability than comparative companies.