Recruitment of Financial and HR Experts

Successful recruitment is a long-term solution that grows the company’s business while providing the employee an opportunity to develop and work in a job and work community that he or she genuinely enjoys.

Recruitment that supports a company’s strategy requires planning and identifying the right skills needed. Culture-driven recruitment ensures that the right types face the right job and positions. In planning and implementing recruitments, we take into account the client's goals, vision and culture, as well as the competence needs of the person sought. Recruitment is people-oriented, taking care of the best possible job seeker experience.

The HR consultant is responsible for the implementation of the recruitment, and we also utilize the expertise of our CFO consultants in the recruitment, as required. We have unique industry expertise in recruiting financial management and administration and HR experts. We leverage our comprehensive pool of experts and networks to find the right person for these roles. Our model is flexible and we can implement recruitments agilely in a schedule agreed together with the customer.

We help the recruitment process comprehensively:

  • Creating a recruitment plan. We carefully contain ourselves to the open position, operating environment, organizational culture and organizational values
  • Creating an attractive and clear job advertisement
  • Choosing the right recruitment channels in cooperation with the client - we use direct search, our networks and our pool of experts if necessary
  • Confidentiality of applications
  • Selection of the most suitable applicants
  • Well-planned and prepared interviews
  • Review of information and recommendations
  • Supporting the selection decision and sparring the customer
  • High-quality and employer-friendly communication throughout the process
  • Development of recruitment processes and expertise