Performance Management

Typically, the personnel leaves organizations for the following reasons*: 45% feel that they are not taken into account enough, 31% leave the company due to poor management, for 35% the reasons are related to practices that prevent promotions. Development opportunities also often become one of the main reasons.

The goal of performance management is to identify the employee's motivation, strengths and areas for development. Following by creating a common vision of where are we going and how do we there. The process is created and rooted in the organization in collaboration with management and team leaders. The methods of the project are Kick Off Workshops and sparring. A designated Greenstep HR consultant is responsible for the implementation of the goal and Performance management process. Kick Off Workshops are held by the agreement at the premises or remotely arranged by the customer. Greenstep uses material sent in advance by the customer to help prepare the workshops.

When the performance management is successful it:

  • tells about the motivation of employees,
  • helps identify team strengths and growth areas,
  • creates an outlook for the employee in the future and engages the company and
  • genuinely develop the company when you succeed in developing the individual and the team.

Why do we need performance management?

  • Continuous development is a prerequisite for the success of any business. A company evolves as its experts evolve.
  • A motivated employee serves their customers better and thus maintains trust between the customer and the company. Committed customer will buy again

In companies with a functioning performance management process:

  • better results with committed customers,
  • employees know their role in the company's strategy and vision and act in accordance with the company's values; and
  • employees are more motivated and committed and company personnel turnover is declining.