Personnel Development

Skilled personnel is the company’s key resource that helps meet the challenges of changing work life.

Why personnel development is important?

  • Company competitiveness. Competence development improves the quality and effectiveness of operations.
  • An attractive employer image. A development-oriented employer image attracts new experts and encourages employees to actively develop their skills.
  • A key part of the company's business planning. Requires leadership, involvement and common practices.

The goal of personnel development is to identify the competitive strengths and development needs of its teams, to build a foundation for systematic competence development and to help identify competence development as a part of the company's daily life.

A designated Greenstep HR consultant is responsible for implementing the team's competence development.

Service includes;

  • A definition of the target state based on the company's vision and strategy (workshop)
  • Assessment of the current state (competence mapping, interviews) utilizing existing information (e.g. performance management, personnel surveys)
  • Based on the above, a prioritized development plan / annual schedule for competence development is built

    Competence development is linked to many company processes, such as the statutory personnel and training plan, and requires an employer image that supports development, goals clarified in performance appraisals, and a reward system that supports development in order to succeed.