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High-quality services for investors companies and private equity funds

The financial management of funds is a different breed, in which we a strong track record. Serving fund clients is every day for us, and we already handle the back office functions of more than 50 private equity funds. We have combined services, allowing you to truly focus on your core business. You can also choose from the whole only services that are of particular interest to you. The solution consists of the following expert services:

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Supporting funds

The management and accounting of private equity and investment funds require special expertise that traditional accountancy firms cannot match. For example, different reporting needs can be very broad and detailed. Greenstep has a lot of experience with these reports and we want to be involved in the development and growth of your company.

Whether it is a Venture Capital or Buy Out fund, often the first stage of outsourcing is done in the form of back office services. These external responsibilities of the core business are simple and effective to entrust to our team of experts. The efficiency of reporting is improved by high-quality accounting. Accounting is one of the key competencies in Greenstep's financial services, and clients' financial matters are handled by professional and experienced accountants.

Matters related to acquisitions are on the table on the path to the growth of the fund. As the company's business is largely based on the acquisition of new companies, valuation, due diligence and corporate finance services are an important part of the process. If these elements are not carefully designed, the consequences can extend far into the future. Our M&A team helps with important issues.

BiBook, the innovative reporting system we created on top of Power BI, offers fine-tuning to make everyday life smoother - with BiBook, previously created reporting activities can be transferred to an easy-to-share and visual format. You can forget about gimmicks with different versions of excel by introducing a flagship product for financial reporting. Management companies typically have few employees, which makes them more expensive than gold. Our HR services help your company with employee engagement and compensation issues.