Netvisor is an easy-to-use and versatile financial management system that we at Greenstep recommend to many of our clients. Let's take a closer look at the many features of Netvisor!

Netvisor offers the ability to perform even the most complex accounting processes in a controlled and simple manner

Electronic bank statements

Netvisor’s payment traffic function records settlements and payments automatically in the accounts receivable/payable and bookkeeping, and it links them to an electronic bank statement. Posting rules also automate recording of other transactions in this bank statement. A bank statement can be compiled for a desired period and can be used for drilling down to the contents of an individual transaction.


Since most events are transferred to bookkeeping automatically, up-to-date financial management and finance monitoring are available at competitive costs. The bookkeeping function contains tools for handling VAT calculations, accruals, reconciliation, and locking. Control notifications and tax returns are transferred directly to the tax authorities in electronic format.

Electronic financial statements

In the financial statements stage, the balance sheet book and associated notes to be printed are compiled with Netvisor’s financial statement function. After approval, the financial period in question is locked. Upon verification of the profit and loss account and the balance sheet, an electronic financial statement notification for the authorities can be generated. Each report can be exported to common word processing and spreadsheet software formats for editing.

Electronic invoicing eliminates unnecessary stages and speeds up the invoice management process significantly

Netvisor enables fully electronic invoicing

The software stores all invoicing events for the statutory archival period of six years. With Netvisor, invoice folders and paper archives are history. A company using Netvisor can move on to electronic invoicing without expensive and cumbersome deployment projects. Thanks to the communication interface provided with the solution, the company can utilise its existing ERP system.

Managing sales in Netvisor

With Netvisor, a company’s offers, orders, and sales invoices can be created on-site. Each user can take care of his or her invoicing quickly and easily. For those recipients who cannot yet handle electronic invoices, you can print the invoice yourself or have Netvisor do so. The sales function also includes excellent tools for reporting and tracking. The direct debit feature, repetitive invoicing, and interest and collection functions complement the service to create a complete invoicing system.

Managing purchase invoices in Netvisor

In Netvisor, purchase invoices are received either in electronic form or as scanned invoices. This way, the basic information is ready for the system to process without time-consuming manual operations. This service offers a comprehensive view of all events throughout the various stages of invoice processing. Hence, factual verification, approval, and payment of purchase invoices all are easy. The service sends an e-mail reminder to the users, containing the information about purchase invoices and travel expense claims that require the user’s processing, and a link to the invoice view. Purchase invoice processing also includes various business rules that can be used to enhance invoice processing. Additionally, the service covers foreign-currency invoices. Purchase invoices are a part of Netvisor’s permanent and intelligent electronic archive, which can be searched with versatile search criteria and which allows drill-down from all financial reports.

Managing inventory in Netvisor

Sales and purchase events are an integral part of stock control based on stock transactions. Tracking information and default stock information specified in the product information section makes stock status monitoring faster and easier, as does drill-down reporting.

With the human resource functionality, you gain a solid view of the allocation of the organisation's most important and simultaneously most valuable resources.

Human Resource Management

Netvisor’s application service supplies the tools for common use by the organisation’s management, payroll clerk, and other employees, each for the specified purposes. With a single entry, the information is made available to payroll administration and payment personnel from resource management. Simultaneously, bookkeeping is updated for the needs of cost accounting without overlapping allocation tasks.

Electronic travel expense claim management

The electronic travel expense claim management feature automates all stages in processing of travel expense claims, from receiving and scanning invoices and receipts to verification and approval. Payment can be handled directly or in conjunction with payroll operations. At the same time, the traveller’s payroll and bookkeeping details are automatically updated. Allocating costs to pools and customers can be performed easily via the rows of the travel expense claim form.

From working hours management to financial management with a single entry

Adopting Netvisor’s electronic working hours management provides a process that is available to all interest groups, easy to use, and seamlessly integrated into financial management. As the whole payroll operations process becomes more effective, reporting and planning working hours becomes easier.

Effective payroll operations

With Netvisor’s payroll feature, the whole process can be timed and automated up to the desired stage, from generating payslips to paying and updating bookkeeping data. The tools include payroll control with payroll templates in which even complicated requirements can be taken into account with template management.