Greenstep's actions during the Covid-19 outbreak

Greenstep toimisto
Taru laukkanen

Taru Laukkanen

Head of HR and Culture

This article will be updated when new and relevant information is published. Updated 2020/3/17 08:32.

The coronavirus (Covid-19) has raised health and economic concerns around the globe. We are closely following the situation and the official guidelines and instructions of the health authorities. Greenstep is taking action to ensure both the continuity of the services provided by us and the well-being of our employees. We are prepared to serve our customers throughout this situation which may involve a significant lack of workforce due to illness or quarantine required by the local authorities.

We have taken the following actions at Greenstep:

  • Our services or operations are not limited to any physical locations. We can continue our operations remotely, and we are utilizing remote work as much as possible at this point.
  • Our services or operations are not limited to the knowledge of individual employees as we back each other up in case of sick leave.
  • We utilize e-meetings with our customers and guests as much as possible.
  • We have postponed all our customer events to future dates.
  • Greenstep Academy and all other workshops will take place using electronic platforms.
  • We will not travel abroad for work purposes and we recommend our employees to avoid travelling for leisure purposes.
  • As a precaution, employees that have returned home from abroad, will work remotely for 14 days.
  • We have advised our employees of the procedure in case they suspect or might have been exposed to contagion.

If you have any concerns in this matter, please reach out to your Greenstep contact person. In addition, our CEO Sari Helander (+358 50 3791819, and Head of HR and Culture Taru Laukkanen (+358 50 307 2565, will provide more information if needed.