Greenstep's Sustainability Report 2021 has been published

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Our new Sustainability Report presents the impact of our sustainability work in 2021 and our plans for a more sustainable and carbon-neutral future.

Read our new Sustainability Report here!

Greenstep commits to carbon neutrality from 2022 onwards

We are committed to ensuring the carbon-neutrality of our operations as of 2022. This goal will be achieved by avoiding and reducing greenhouse gas emissions in all our actions and compensating for all unavoidable emissions with Compensate Credits.

Greenstep's carbon footprint for 2021 has been calculated using the Greenhouse Gas Protocol standard and includes direct and indirect emissions from, for example, heat, electricity, and business travel. This footprint calculation is used as a base in our CO2 Road Map, demonstrating the concrete actions to avoid and reduce our greenhouse emissions. Such actions include transferring all power used in our offices to renewable electricity and using CO2-compensated work computers, to name a few.

You can take a deeper look at the plans toward carbon neutrality on page 27 of our Sustainability Report.

Business based on shared values

We are a responsible employer and a strategic partner for our clients. At Greenstep, sustainability is a part of everyone's work and the whole organization. It is reflected in our everyday activities - in everything we do. Sustainability is managed as part of the business. All Greensteppers carry out practical measures with the support of team leaders, business leaders, and the Head of Sustainability, Ella Tanskanen.

The focal points of our sustainability work have been developed from the impact of our operations and the expectations of our stakeholders. They are:

  • Economic sustainability and governance
  • Equal and healthy working community
  • High-quality competence development
  • Environmentally sustainable choices

Our Sustainability Report addresses the year 2021 from these focus points. We give special attention to the social responsibility aspect of our actions, as our goal is to be a socially responsible employer and company. Tax footprint, sustainable energy investments, and targets for this year, among other things, are also presented in the report.

Would you like to learn more about sustainability in our actions? Read about Greenstep's own sustainability work and the sustainability services we provide for our customers, or book a free remote appointment with one of our experts!