Greenstep expands its Sustainability Services – Tax Sustainability

Julia vernersson

Julia Vernersson


Greenstep is already providing numerous services from our versatile Sustainability Team. As Greenstep is growing in Sweden, our service package is now also expanding to Tax Sustainability.

Greenstep Corporate Sustainability is an issue that is becoming more and more important for companies in today’s society, all over the world. There are clear connections between the company’s business operations and the responsibility regarding how the company affects our society from an economic, environmental and social perspective.

Many companies are not considering that their internal policies with regard to management of taxes within the company is an important part of the company’s sustainability work.

The area of sustainability, and the tax area therein, is being increasingly regulated, which entails that we have greater expectations upon the companies. Tax transparency is a large part of multinational companies’ social responsibility and should be put in context to tax planning, tax avoidance and tax evasion. More and more companies are therefore today choosing to be transparent in how they work with their management of taxes and regulatory compliance. By doing so, the company also tends for its branding and trust is built for the companies’ operations.

In order to determine where to focus the efforts, it’s a good idea to clarify the work to create structure in your sustainability work.

At Greenstep, we offer versatile support in the company’s sustainability issues and we can provide comprehensive advice in your tax management. With our new sustainability services in tax, we can help you company stay one step ahead.

Among other things Greenstep can help you with the following:

  • High Level Sustainability Assessment from a tax perspective.
  • Develop a tailored Tax Policy adapted to your business.
  • Ensure that your management of taxes is in line with various sustainability standards.

With our Tax Sustainability service, we can help you identify your risks and business opportunities relating to tax issues as well as explore sustainable solutions to your tax management.

Tax Sustainabilty
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