Nasdaq grants Greenstep the status of Certified Adviser

Hyvaksytty neuvonantaja fist north minna riihimaki

Nasdaq confirms that Greenstep has been granted the status of Certified Adviser in Finland as of May 2023.

A company listing on the First North market of the Helsinki Stock Exchange must be supported by a Certified Adviser, who will assist the company in the preparation and implementation of the listing. The adviser is an experienced and proven expert who will ensure that the company being listed meets the requirements of the marketplace.

– We are delighted that Greenstep's highly skilled team is now a Certified Adviser to the Nasdaq First North marketplace in Finland. We want to be a positive force driving the development of Nordic growth companies. We are actively working towards certification in our other countries of operation as well," says Minna Riihimäki, Partner at Greenstep.

Certification of competence and quality

First North is a marketplace for growth companies. It is an alternative to the main list and particularly suitable for smaller growth companies that are interested in the opportunities of the public market and the somewhat lower listing requirements compared to the main market.

Now as a Certified Adviser, Greenstep has an increasing ability to help growth companies achieve their goals.

– A listing is not only a big step, but also a major project. It takes time and requires the support of skilled experts. That's why it is advisable to prepare for an IPO, even if the market is not optimal at the moment, Riihimäki says.

The role of a Certified Adviser is to guide the company in applying for a listing on the First North marketplace and to help it meet the criteria and obligations of the marketplace. The Certified Adviser also plays an important role once the listing has taken place. For example, the adviser can help to ensure that reporting and disclosure requirements are met in accordance with the conditions imposed on listed companies.

– Our role is to support companies in the listing process and meeting the requirements. We assist companies in all stages of the listing process and, of course, in other issues that may arise during the life-cycle of a listed company, says Riihimäki.

Certified Advisers are professionals in corporate finance and economics. To be certified, one must have the experience that meets Nasdaq's criteria. This could mean, for example, experience as a CFO, CEO or signed auditor of a listed company combined with recent experience in capital transactions.

For more information on the First North marketplace and certified advisers, visit Nasdaq's website at