We recommend using an online payroll service to speed up your companies payroll. This service improves the efficiency of payroll processes and provides substantial cost savings.

How the process works:

You provide information on what salaries are to be paid to a payroll expert. The payroll expert is responsible for calculating the overhead costs, paying the salaries and making sure that the accounting is done correctly. Your employees will then receive their salary slips electronically in their netbank or a paper copy by post.

Repetitive tasks, such as calculating fixed salaries, will be automated. We do however check each salary to make sure that everything is calculated correctly.

Online payroll software utilise security and encryption technology used for Web banking, and communications between the bank and the software are encrypted. This means that nobody can view another person’s payroll information.

How to get started:

  1. contact us to start, ensure that your needs will be fulfilled with the online payroll service,
  2. agree on the transfer of materials,
  3. we will provide you with detailed descriptions and instructions, as well as guide you through the process,
  4. once the payroll is set up we can start benefiting from the automation of repetitive tasks,
  5. inform your employees of the new payroll service and tell them who is the contact person with payroll service.