Employee Surveys

How do we know how we are doing?

An employee survey is a great tool, as long as it is carefully planned, implemented and timed. It is essential to define what the survey is intended to achieve and how the results will be utilized.

The aim of the employee survey is to find out the satisfaction, well-being, motivation, commitment and development of the personnel, as well as the activities and performance of the organization.

A designated Greenstep consultant is responsible for the entire employee survey. The client and the consultant define the themes that are relevant to the company and draw up a schedule for the process. In addition to goal setting and content planning, the package includes the construction and technical implementation of the survey, communication at various stages, reporting and dismantling of the results as agreed with the customer, a proposal for measures and goals, and guidance for monitoring.

We have tailored the questionnaire, especially for smaller companies, as an alternative to the occupational health care and occupational pension company's ready-made surveys on workability and well-being at work. The Greenstep survey also provides management with valuable information to support business development.