Cookies are small files that are placed on your computer when you visit websites. The cookies in help us to better understand what kind of content visitors are interested in, which helps us to create even more interesting content. When you download material from our site or otherwise provide your contact information via contact form, we may contact you about our company and its services and products.

Cookies do not damage users' computers.

Cookies used in

Google Analytics

This allows Greenstep to develop the content of the site. The cookie provides anonymous tracking information about visitors, eg. the number of visits, referring search engine and the search term used.

Craft CMS and Sprout Forms

Craft CMS uses cookies to create a session. Sprout Forms uses cookies with forms for CSRF attack prevention.

Manage and delete cookies

You can change your cookie settings from your browser settings. By modifying these settings, you can block or remove cookies of or any other site. The browser can also be set to ask about this whenever a site wants to save a cookie.