ByggLove Bemanning accelerates growth with the help of Greenstep!

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ByggLove Bemanning is a Swedish staffing company that helps construction companies with customised staffing solutions for their projects. The company is founded by Katarina Lock and Wille Ulrikson.

- We started with four people on a construction site in Norrköping. We switched up very quickly and three months later we had reached the number of 47 employees around construction sites. The construction industry is full of very special laws and regulations, where it is important to find a safe partner and where we have chosen Greenstep - says Wille Ulrikson, Partner at ByggLove Bemaning.

Watch the video with Katarina and Wille from ByggLove and Greensteps consultants where they tell us more about the growth journey:

A strong growth journey with support from Greenstep all along the way

ByggLove had no previous knowledge of accounting or payroll and needed to hire a safe actor who could help with that. Katarina and Wille wanted to feel secure in all processes and feel calm so they could focus on what they are good at - staffing. Both Katarina and Wille are absolutely convinced that they can double their business within a short time, with the support of Greenstep.

The journey that ByggLove has made is a classic start-up company where we are like an advisory partner and collaborate very closely to get things in place. We at Greenstep help with payroll and accounting and relieve Katarina and Wille so they can focus on their services, what they are good at. - Says Susanne Lindmark, Authorised Payroll Specialist and Team Leader at Greenstep.