Greenstep as Brand Metrics's growth partner

GS x BM 3

Brand Metrics' innovative software solution enables media companies and publishers to measure the effectiveness of their marketing campaigns. The company is growing steadily and is utilizing Greenstep's extensive service portfolio to support its growth.

With Brand Metrics' solution, media companies can automatically measure the effectiveness of campaigns sold to advertisers. The solution provides information on, e.g., how different campaigns have affected the recipient's brand awareness, preferences, and purchase intentions. The company is based in Sweden, but most of its customers are located outside the Nordics. That is one of the reasons why Greenstep was chosen as their partner some time ago:

- We previously had a partnership with another accounting firm. It worked well, but our business became more and more global, and we naturally had to adapt to it. We have a different type of group structure than traditional Swedish companies, so we need people who know how to operate in several countries. From this perspective, Greenstep felt like a "perfect match" for us, says Anders Lithner, co-founder and CEO of Brand Metrics.

    In addition to Greenstep's experience in global operations, Brand Metrics also appreciates the wide range of services that Greenstep can offer them. Today, the collaboration covers everything from accounting to payroll and CFO and analytics services - with a strong focus on strategic consulting and automation. Although the collaboration is relatively new, a common line has been found in the way of working: the aim is to make existing processes as fluent as possible to allow time for strategic work and development.

    - We are very pleased with the composition of the team and Greenstep's commitment. They don't act reactively and just answer our questions; they proactively ask us questions, suggest things, and come up with concrete ideas for improvement. It's just awesome, and that's exactly the way we want to work, Anders says.

    Understanding business deeply with BI Book

    Brand Metrics has doubled its revenue every year since the beginning of 2018. Due to the strong growth, things happen fast, and it is very important to understand the business, make decisions based on up-to-date information, and optimize processes to support growth. Therefore, it was important for Brand Metrics to find a partner who, in addition to administrative and strategic tasks, can help the company with systems and tools that make it easy for the company to track economic developments:

    - It is a matter of separating understanding from facts. What matters to us is not all the millions of details, but that we have a clear view of where we are now and where we are going. That way, we know if we need to change our forecasts or budgets, and we can make decisions based on up-to-date, reliable information - it's crucial for our growth, Anders tells.

    One of the advantages of BI Book is that it can be easily integrated with other systems, and all reports and metrics can be customized to the needs of the company. Optimizing the flows between Brand Metrics' own systems and BI Book and building a growth-enhancing entity is something that Greenstep's analytics experts have been working on since the beginning of the collaboration - and will continue strongly also in the future.

    While Brand Metrics values ​​the quality of services and systems in a successful partnership, Anders points out that a service provider's personal chemistry, corporate culture, and values ​​can be critical affecting to deepness and length of a relationship:

    - I think it is important to be similar when it comes to such a partnership. Greenstep lives quite the same way we do, and it is quite clear that we are on a journey together. Both see the partnership as an ongoing and long-term project. And it feels like we both enjoy the journey! notes Anders.

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