Webinar recording: Back to normal – or not?

Monday 21.06.2021
Back to normal or not

How will you create functional arrangements for the workplace if and when the staff is returning to the office during the autumn? Do you have everything planned to ensure the success of your business?

In our webinar, Heli Häyrynen and Kati Tuovinen will discuss subjects that companies should take into account during the new situation. They will give practical tips as well as share the best practices on how to introduce new operating methods to the workplace.

The webinar will include the following topics:

  • What does the new normal mean for your business?
  • The company's policy on hybrid work, where should the work be done? Are your remote work policies up to date?
  • How will the new normal affect the work environment? Is there going to be any new requirements?
  • The new situation, any new rules?
  • How does the hybrid work affect the planning of personnel?
  • What are the possible effects on employment contracts, such as working time or salaries?
  • How will the hybrid work affect employee training?
  • How do you lead the hybrid work? Do the supervisors have sufficient knowledge, or the right skills and tools?

We believe that in order to succeed in building new ways of operating, you will need to create a good foundation in your organisation with good employee experiences and coherent policies.