Webinar Recording: How to succeed in leading multicultural teams

Tuesday 11.05.2021
Sininen kartta

Check out our experts' tips on how to successfully lead multicultural teams and organizations!

One of the most important leadership skills in the future is effective and efficient leadership of diverse teams. In our webinar, Heli Häyrynen and Kati Tuovinen discusses the leader's best ways to develop a multicultural team to succeed. Sari Täckman, who has broad experience in international team leading, will be joining the discussion with interesting advice and hints on how to succeed.

In this webinar we will hear what a leader should consider in their day-to-day leadership work, and how to avoid the worst mistakes while leading teams within several continents.

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We will tackle questions and topics, like:

  • What multiculturalism in practice means?
  • What does the leadership of a multicultural team and the result of the company have in common?
  • How does stereotypes affect us as we lead multicultural teams?
  • What is good to consider while building multicultural teams?
  • What are the key elements to successful diverse team leadership?
  • What are the best practices a new multicultural team leader should remember?
  • How can a leader develop himself/herself in leading a multicultural team?

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