Automation and robotics to boost fund services

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Minna riihimaki

Minna Riihimäki


Greenstep has an innovative fund team that looks after the back office of all types of funds. Our team includes accountants who specialise in funds and managers with experience in the management of various investment and private equity funds. Our responsibility is to manage the calculation and reports for the funds and any tasks requiring special tax expertise efficiently and professionally. This allows our clients to concentrate on growing their business. We manage reporting to both investors and authorities. We also handle valuations according to the latest recommendations.

We have developed recently our services by increasing automation. The latest addition to our services is the implementation of robotics in our fund accounting and our expanded investor reporting software:

1. Robotics is constantly being developed at Greenstep. The implementation of robotics brings more consistent quality, speed and therefore cost savings to our clients. The application of robotics in capital calls will bring benefits to the accounting of our fund clients; therefore, we have started a pilot for implementing robotics. Our experiences during the pilot have been positive, and we will expand the use of robotics to cover all our fund clients.

2. Greenstep has developed software for investment reporting, BiBook. Our BiBook solution gathers data for investor reporting from different sources. The BiBook investor report can also be digitally shared. The latest expansion to the software enables the collection of data from portfolio companies directly to the investor report. The portfolio data updates automatically, which enables efficient and high-quality investor reporting. Before reporting, the top professionals in our team ensure, right down to the last detail, that the investor reporting is accurate, matches with the accounting and contains all the necessary information. By using the same software solution, we can also prepare the fund’s consolidated financial statements.

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