Greenstep provides high quality and versatile CFO-services. Greenstep is profiled as a professional and reliable partner supporting customers in all kinds of unpredictable changes and situations in the business environment. Here is some of our CFO services:

An Interim Controller/CFO temporarily jumps into a company to help them when one of the company’s own controllers or its CFO is temporarily unavailable. An interim controller/CFO will then quickly familiarise themselves with the company and its processes in order to be able to suit the needs of the company until the company has managed to employ a replacement. A Part-time Controller/CFO means that the company will access a professional controller/CFO for a prearranged time, for example a couple of days each month. Small and mid-sized companies whom do not need a full time controller/CFO might also purchase the service for a few days per week or month.

The range of CFO services we provide is wide and we are happy to help companies with different kinds of analyzes, forecasts and reports. Greenstep's CFO services include for example Business Finland-reporting, Cash flow management, Management Reporting, Business Modeling and Treasury services.

The financial administration of investment funds requires special expertise. Private equity funds' back office services offers comprehensive experience on the financial administration of different kind of funds so we can help your business!

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