Clarity and reliability with outsourced HR Services

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In our article, Kati Tuovinen, Head of HR Business at Greenstep, explains how our HR Services can help companies to take care of their most important asset, their employees, and therefore achieve their operational and strategic goals.

Kati Tuovinen has worked as an HR Consultant, HR Director, Interim HR and Team Leader in various responsible and diverse HR Leadership and management positions. She is passionate about people, development and achievement. In our interview, Kati tells us about Greenstep’s HR Services and way of working with different customers, different environments and situations.

"At Greenstep the HR Services are tailored to the customer, comprehensively and flexibly according to their needs", Kati explains. Greenstep aims to enhance the growth of its customers at different stages of their development journey. “We have a routine of always getting to know the customer thoroughly first, which supports tailoring our service to the customer’s needs. There is rarely a "one size fits all" solution in HR", Kati describes with a smile.

Our HR Kick Off Workshop is a great opportunity for a small or medium-sized company to get quickly and easily an overview of all HR matters (including high level legal review) and the leadership status in the company, as well as to get development plans for the future. It reviews how the customer has managed their HR activities so far and what's expected of the HR Service. As a result of the workshop, the customer will get a prioritized road map for HR matters and Leadership.

"Growth is continuous development", Kati describes. What's important to remember is that it's not only about developing skills, but how to develop everyday learning habits. Implementing common ways of working, everyone has to learn the new manners as well as how to give up the old ways of working.

"Our HR Consultants are happy to help organizations in identifying learning needs and support when the organization is thinking which direction they are developing towards", Kati eagerly explains.

The task of the Greenstep Consultant is to bring assurance and clarity to the customer's HR and business. Our HR Consultants usually have 1-2 part-time HR clients, where the consultant works as their HR Manager helping the client to the desired extent in both operational and strategic HR matters.

In addition to the customer tasks, Greenstep's HR Consultants are involved in various projects where each Consultant's job and tasks look different from day to day. Versatile customer needs and projects also constantly increase the competences of our Consultants and bring fresh perspective to their work.

Our most popular HR services are the HR Kick Off Workshop, Part-Time HR Services, Payroll & HR Advisor, Employee Experience, and Performance Management.

Would you like to develop in leading a multicultural team?

A large proportion of our customers are international companies. We are also happy to use our expertise and experience in creating, managing and developing learning skills in a multicultural organization. Find out more by listening to our Webinar Recording "How to succeed in leading multicultural teams".

If you would like to know more, please reach out to Kati already today!