From aim to action: an interim sustainability specialist supports you in every situation

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Eeva perala

Eeva Perälä

Senior Manager, Environmental Sustainability

In today's business environment, sustainability has become key to the success of any company. However, the requirements of sustainability work can also be broad and complex, in which case it may be worth turning to an interim sustainability specialist for support.

The interim specialist service is designed for situations where a company does not need a full-time employee. For example, a specific sustainability project or a transition period after the previous expert has left the organization are situations where the assistance of a sustainability expert is only needed for a limited period of time.

If the need is temporary or the area of expertise is so specific that it does not make sense for the company to hire a new person, an interim specialist may be the right solution. The interim specialist can bring the necessary expertise and knowledge to help the company achieve its goals.

Are there any requirements for hiring an interim specialist?

An interim specialist always works according to the customer's wishes without any major requirements or restrictions. For example, an interim sustainability specialist can act as support or manager for a specific project, area, or the entire sustainability programme of the company. They can work in the company for a period of time that suits the company's needs, ranging from a few hours to a few days a week.

In addition, the interim specialist does not have to be tied to a specific area of expertise and can be rotated according to the area of expertise and the needs of the company, with one specialist working with the company part of the time and another the rest of the time. For example, an interim period could start with a focus on procurement issues and then be expanded to include environmental and carbon footprint issues.

How does an interim specialist develop sustainability?

Any organization seeking to improve its sustainability performance can benefit from the services of an interim sustainability specialist. An expert's insight from outside the organization can be invaluable in evaluating current practices or designing new strategies.

Often, the work of an interim specialist is not limited to just strategy development and the specialist actively implements the new initiatives within the organization. They work with different teams, run workshops and embed sustainability practices into the day-to-day business.

Whether it's reducing energy consumption, optimizing waste management, or promoting sustainable procurement, an interim sustainability specialist helps turn a sustainability strategy into concrete action.

How can an experienced interim specialist help your company?

Our Senior Manager, Eeva Perälä, and our Sustainability Controller, Susanna Oravainen, have both worked as interim specialists in companies and projects of various sizes.

Eeva's assignments as an interim sustainability manager have included organizing and facilitating sustainability theme days and preparing and developing a sustainability report for the customer.

"I am always available to the customer and sometimes we develop work that has already been done, plan initiatives to implement sustainability, or think together about future developments. Although I am the most visible resource for the customer, we can use the expertise of our entire sustainability team for the benefit of the customer."

Susanna has worked as an interim specialist on projects related to sustainable procurement.

"It has been a pleasure to accompany several companies on their sustainability journey and to support each company in a timely and appropriate manner. In my own experience, the interim service brings continuity to the process, with the interim specialist ensuring that the project is progressing and that all the necessary issues are being addressed. In addition, I have been able to help companies with acute and unforeseen needs that were beyond the resources of the company at the time. I think it is the flexibility of the service that allows me to work efficiently and according to the company's needs."

A part-time sustainability expert is also a simple and easy way to start sustainability work when the organization does not have many resources to do so. Book a meeting with us to discuss how an interim sustainability expert could help your company!