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Greenstep 2021 10 web
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Greenstep 2021 10 web

About Greenstep

Greenstep is a business management enterprise founded in 2010. We serve our customers in accounting, payroll, financing management, HR, training, sustainability, tax and legal matters as well as business development. Our key idea is to always improve our own business alongside with that of our customers. Therefore, we offer the leading software on the market as well as our own applications to support the customer's business in the best possible way. We offer consulting services for NetSuite, Netvisor, Mepco, AARO, Procountor and Power BI and develop our own software, namely Bezala and BI Book.

Our values include the desire to help our customers, the will to develop ourselves and our knowledge, the passion towards achieving together and the honesty and appreciation towards each other. This is the foundation for us to develop the business together with our customers.

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