Streamlining Netvisor reporting with BI Book: 5 customizable reports that will transform your Netvisor experience

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Netvisor's built-in BI module allows you to generate a variety of reports. However, if the user needs highly customised and deep-dive reports, third-party software and integrations can provide the answer.

There are some viable options in the market when you're in need for the next level in Netvisor reporting. However, BI Book has several key benefits that make it stand out from the competition. It's high level of automation, shareability, connectivity and the fact that its data is always up to date have made BI Book the obvious number one choice for hundreds of happy customers.

5 most useful BI Book reports for Netvisor users

Speaking of BI Book's capabilities in adding more value to Netvisor reports, here are five BI Book reports that Netvisor users will find extremely useful:

Financial Reporting

You can automate your financial reporting with BI Book.

BI Book has built-in templates for all your financial reporting needs. If need be, you can always create your own reports as well! You can visualize your P&L, balance sheet and cash flow statements in ways which will provide you with insights into the financial state of your organization.

BI Book - Financial Reporting, P&L
You can see all of your financial data, like P&L, in one centralized place.

With BI Book, you get to see all your financial data in one place, with easy-to-read charts and graphs that provide you with valuable insights into your financial performance. BI Book's financial reporting helps you to track your revenue growth, monitor your expenses, and understand your profit margins. You can also easily stay compliant with accounting standards and regulations with insights into your financial statements and disclosures.

By using BI Book's automated and always up to date financial reporting, you can identify areas where you need to focus your resources and attention. This can help you optimize your financial processes, reduce costs, and ultimately drive profitability and growth.

Process Mining

You can use machine learning to study your business processes.

Process mining is a powerful way of helping your business gain valuable insight into your processes and operations. With BI Book, you can visualize and analyze your business processes in a way that is easy to understand. This way you can also identify areas for improvement and optimization.

BI Book - Process Mining
BI Book lets you study your business processes in a revolutionary way.

You will be able to see your business processes from start to finish, with all of the steps and activities laid out before you. You can easily identify bottlenecks, inefficiencies, and other areas for improvement. This allows you to make data-driven decisions that can improve your operations, reduce costs, and increase efficiency.

By using process mining, you can also identify compliance issues and potential risks, which can help you mitigate them before they become major problems. This can save you time, money, and resources in the long run.

Sales Reporting

You can use BI Book to track your sales pipeline in a centralized dashboard.

Sales reporting is vital for helping businesses make informed decisions and stay ahead of the competition. With it, businesses can identify trends, track performance, and measure progress towards their goals.

BI Book - Sales Reporting, in-depth analysis
BI Book provides you with in-depth Sales data that you can use to optimize your strategies and processes.

BI Book's centralized sales report dashboard gathers all your sales data in one place. The charts and graphs are easy-to-read and provide you with valuable insight into your sales performance. With BI Book, you can easily track your progress towards your targets, identify your top-performing products or services and understand the factors that are driving or hindering your sales. You can then improve and adjust your sales strategies and processes accordingly.

In addition, sales reporting can help you stay on top of your competitors by providing you with insights into their sales performance and market trends. This can help you identify new opportunities, adjust your pricing strategies, and stay ahead of the competition.

People Analytics

Analyze your HR data and make sure that your employees and business are in better shape than ever before.

HR analytics and reporting can help businesses optimize their human resources processes and drive employee engagement and productivity. HR analytics helps organizations to see behind the data relating to employees and business and form new views and insights to make better decisions.

BI Book - People Analytics
BI Book visualizes you employee data into insights, that you can use for data driven decisions.

HR analytics can provide answers to questions such as employee satisfaction, the cost of sickness absence and salary trends. HR analytics can also help organizations predict, for example, future skills needs or what factors might affect staff turnover.

BI Book's analytics team will help you identify relevant data sources and combine individual data and numbers into a holistic view that cuts across the whole organization. BI Book visualizes your data into easy-to-understand, shareable and always up-to-date reports that allow you to continue to manage based on hard data.

ESG Reporting

Improve your commitment to important values with the help of data.

ESG reporting helps businesses demonstrate their commitment to environmental, social, and governance (ESG) issues, and drives positive impact in these areas. ESG performance tracking and reporting helps businesses to gain credibility and trust from stakeholders, attract investors and customers who prioritize sustainability, and contribute to a more sustainable future.

BI Book - ESG reporting
BI Book helps you to figure out and demonstrate what you need to do and what you have already done to address ESG issues.

BI Book helps you to demonstrate to your stakeholders and customers that you are taking concrete steps to address ESG issues, such as reducing your carbon footprint, promoting diversity and inclusion and ensuring ethical business practices. BI Book's shareability makes your ESG work transparent to all relevant stakeholders.

When you combine data from all the different software and other sources that you have into BI Book, you can also identify areas where you need to improve and set targets for future progress. This can help you align your ESG performance with your overall business strategy and drive continuous improvement in these areas.

Connecting the dots for the bigger picture

When you integrate Netvisor (and other software) with BI Book, you will get rid of silos and make all of your data transparent and cohesive. You will get a holistic view of your entire business, which helps you to make data driven decisions and connect all the necessary puzzle pieces. You will not only get better business results but a happier staff and board as well.

As a Netvisor user, you can test BI Book completely free of charge for one month. You can activate the service in the Netvisor Store when you are logged in to Netvisor. You can also book a quick 30-minute demo to see how BI Book works with Netvisor using the form below.

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