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A versatile accounting firm in Tampere

Greenstep is a company that provides comprehensive financial services in Tampere. Greenstep Tampere was founded in 2013 and our office is on Kalevantie.

At Greenstep, you have 400 professionals whom you can rely on in any problems with your business Read more!

Pioneer of electronic financial management

Digitalization has meant a change in the traditional business processes and routines have been changing over the past decade. Greenstep is deeply involved in this development and we want to continuously improve the financial processes. We have embraced this change and it is visible in the tools and processes we use. Although the financial tools have been automated and transferred to an electronic format, these changes have not disrupted the quality of our customer relationships and personal interaction. On the contrary, we believe that the methods and systems we use can lead to a lot of advantages.

Greenstep Tampere use a cloud service, from which you get all the necessary features for a flexible and efficient financial management. Electronic accounting, billing, purchase ledger, payroll, etc. allow for a more transparent financial management, which again gives you a clear picture of the financial situation of the company. When using cloud services, you will never need to install a program on your computer. The only thing needed is an Internet connection. Even the traditionally time-consuming things like backup and updates are conveniently made via the cloud service provider.

Another example of an electronic service is Bezala, an application developed by us for travel expenses and other costs. This service helps you to manage receipts, daily allowances and mileage allowances. Bezala also acts as a cloud service on the Internet and you can use the application on your mobile phone or your computer's web browser.

Our accounting firm in Tampere offers you the opportunity to tailor your financial services. This means that we first map your situation together, after which we carefully plan the selected services to cover your needs.

Clarity to business structure with the help of an outsourced CFO, Sustainability Consult or Business Intelligence

One way for companies to focus on their core business is to use our CFO services. In the Tampere region, we are the leading provider of CFO-services, and offer your company qualified and multilingual CFOs and controllers, temporarily or for an agreed period of time, eg. a few months or a few days per month. CFO services include e.g. Tekes reporting, cash flow management, management reporting and business modelling. Learn more about our CFO services and CFO resources!

As the EU legislation developes, companies are required to report their social, environmental and governmental affect. Our sustainability team offers their expertise whether it comes to analyzing, developing, or reporting sustainability actions of a business.

Our customers have clarified their business by using BiBook, the most comprehensive BI tool offering real-time insights based on any relevant business data (accounting software data, CRM, ERP, HR systems etc.).

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