Optomed’s growth into a listed company with Greenstep as partner

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When Optomed listed on the Nasdaq Helsinki, Greenstep was there to support them. The financial and payroll services as well as the financial platforms have been scaled to support the growth of Optomed during the whole co-operation.

Optomed is a Finnish health technology company with a mission to prevent blindness. The company is one of the leading manufacturers of handheld fundus cameras and screening programs, and their products are sold in more than 60 countries. Greenstep has been a devoted partner through Optomed’s growth and their listing on the stock exchange. The co-operation has scaled effortlessly to support the company’s listing on the stock exchange and internationalization. The most valuable aspect to Optomed in the co-operation has been the reliability of Greenstep’s expertise.

Optomed PLC´s Head of Finance and Accounting Susanna Latvala-Andersson talks about co-operation with us (subtitles are in English):

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The story started three years ago when Optomed bought a Finnish company called Commit Oy, which became Optomed Software Oy. About a year and a half later they listed on the Nasdaq Helsinki.

The co-operation with Greenstep started five years ago. At the beginning it covered just accounting and group accounting, but today payroll is also part of the co-operation. As Optomed’s operations have expanded, they have always received support from Greenstep and new experts have joined the team whenever needed.

The co-operation brought Optomed a lot of joy and help throughout the listing process, because Greenstep knew the company well. When the company was preparing for the listing on the stock exchange, Greenstep supported them both by clarifying IFRS issues as well as with the practical work. After the listing Optomed faced many new requirements as a company, and continuing to work with Greenstap was simple. Greenstep was already aware of the things happening in the company and knew how to give guidance to the right path.

Following the IPO, the adherence to schedules was particularly important for Optomed. The company has always been able to count on Greenstep to get all the help they need as Greenstep has a wide support team in the background. Despite possible sick leave or any other challenges all the things have always been achieved in schedule.

"The most important thing about Greenstep is their reliability both in terms of schedules and the expertise of their experts. Greenstep has been a good and reliable partner on our journey of becoming a listed company", Optomed PLC's Head of Finance and Accounting Susanna Latvala-Andersson mentions and adds: "I recommend partnership with Greenstep."