Business Finland reporting

Business Finland requires that the companies they finance report to them on a regular basis throughout the duration of the project. The reports are usually made on a 3-5 month basis (depending on the length of the project) and should present the costs that have accumulated during the project that Tekes should finance. Greenstep's controllers can help by making sure that the accounting processes of the company provide an easy audit trail through which the Tekes project costs can be found.

Controllers can also help with the creation of these reports, as well as with ensuring that the right amount of money is transferred from Tekes to the company. When the project ends, the controllers can also ensure that the audit of the project goes well.

Although companies can take care of the Business Finland reporting themselves, we recommend them to use Greenstep.

Here is why:

  • We have extensive experience with Business Finland reporting
  • We know how it should be done
  • We can do it cost-effectively

In other words, you can minimize your risks by outsourcing this area of uncertainty to Greenstep.