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Comprehensive services for international companies expanding to Finland

Are you an international company considering setting up a business in Finland? Or does your international company already have operations in Finland and you are looking for a competent partner to handle financial administration / HR matters? With the help of Greenstep's comprehensive services, doing business internationally in Finland is successful from the very beginning!

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Succeed in Finland with Greenstep!

Greenstep's operating model has been developed on the basis of growth and international financial management processes. Supporting companies in internationalization is close to our hearts.

We support companies of all sizes and operating in various fields in expanding to Finland. We help you to develop the business of the Finnish subsidiary by providing world-class financial management and HR services. As our partner, you will have access to 350 financial management experts who are familiar with the special features of the business of international companies as well as Finnish laws, tax, HR and accounting practices.

Together, we make sure that your company's operations in the Finnish market run as smoothly and successfully as possible!

1. Utilization of local know-how in financial management

International companies running a business in Finland must comply with both local and international requirements. Accounting and reporting must be performed in accordance with the requirements of Finnish authorities, and the reporting practices and expectations must also be met with the international parent company. Accounting and reporting processes must be designed to support the business of both the subsidiary/branch and the parent company.

Greenstep's financial management experts have long and extensive experience in handling the financial affairs of international clients. You can outsource your financial management to us to the extent of your needs. We can handle everything from the subsidiary's VAT and tax returns to the accounting of the entire international organization. Our experts also assist with any other financial management expert needs, such as the preparation of annual financial statements, the application of IFRS regulations, tax-related accounting issues and translations.

The interaction inside the group is an important part of a functioning organization. Through our CFO services, we also provide reliable expertise in financial planning and process development, and handle, for example, the company's reporting to the parent company's management. Our CFO experts are available according to the customer's needs, either on a project basis or as part of an ongoing process in the form of an Interim Controller, in which case they work part-time or full-time in the company's CFO role. Our financial experts are also happy to help an international company in special situations, such as corporate reorganizations.

2. Rehabilitate personnel matters with the help of an HR expert

As operations expand to a new country, strong, local HR expertise is also needed. It is important for the success of a company to find a partner in the target country who knows the local legislation, can help in finding the right people and is able to advise on various HR and salary issues.

In Finland, the employer is obliged to ensure that the employee's salary and working conditions comply with Finnish labor legislation. Practices concerning, for example, working hours, holidays and wage costs vary from country to country as well as within Finland between different sectors. Knowledge of labor legislation and various collective agreements is important and often requires the expertise of a specialized HR professional.

Greenstep's versatile services also enable an international company to have a reliable local partnership in all matters related to personnel. We offer our clients both outsourced payroll accounting and continuous and project-type operational HR services, such as preparing employment documents and assisting in the management of employee benefits and occupational health and safety issues. Our HR and payroll teams work closely together, and with our diverse expertise, we are able to answer even the most difficult questions about payroll or various collective agreements.

Through our strategic HR services, we also help international companies unify their organizational culture and communication practices, as well as assist in the recruitment and orientation of employees. And just like in the rest of our business, there is a smooth collaboration with the customer and the scaling of services according to the customer's needs is at the heart of our HR and payroll services.

3. Bring your organization together with NetSuite

The world is getting smaller as internationalization in the business world increases. Today, information is available in real-time through a variety of systems. Modern cloud-based business systems make it easier for international companies to manage their business.

Modern systems and our professional staff make the financial management and reporting of an international company even smoother. At Greenstep, we recommend using NetSuite for all international companies. NetSuite is a fully cloud-based ERP software that allows you to easily track the status of all your company's core activities in one go. NetSuite is currently used in more than 200 countries around the world, and the possibilities of the system are limitless.

Greenstep's NetSuite team has many years of experience in business system design and implementation. We even received an "Outstanding Performance of the Year, Western Europe 2020" award from Oracle in spring 2021. If the international company is already in the NetSuite system, we will professionally assist in localizing the Finnish subsidiary to the customer's NetSuite system. If necessary, we will also integrate the Bezala travel invoice system and local banking systems into the organization's NetSuite to facilitate financial tracking. With our solutions, we can also automate the financial processes of the entire international company into one, efficient entity as needed.

Via Finland to the Nordic and Baltic countries!

Finland is usually thought of as a small country, but it also offers international companies great opportunities for business development. Here you will find, among other things, highly trained employees, a strong startup and entrepreneurial spirit, and world-class technological know-how. Finland is also known for its low level of corruption, independent judiciary and one of the safest countries in the world. In addition, Finland also offers a natural step to nearby regions, such as the Baltics and other Nordic countries.

In addition to Finland, Greenstep operates in Sweden and Estonia, and our customers are served locally by our experts in our offices in Norrköping, Stockholm and Tallinn. Although the corporate culture and many practices appear to be very similar across countries, attention still needs to be paid to, among other things, local laws, practices and banking. All our offices work closely together across borders, which makes the expansion of your company to Sweden and Estonia even smoother as a Greenstep customer.

Elsewhere in the world, partners in our extensive MSI Global network help handle your company's tax and regulatory returns in accordance with the laws of your destination country.

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