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We are building our business step by step in Norway and are now looking for you to be part of our journey! We recently had a visit from the founders of Greenstep and went to a construction site to make an interview video with them. In the video, you can hear from Tore and Michaela about exactly why you should vote for us when it comes to your dream job. We continue to build a reliable and robust business, and we want you on our journey. If you want an exciting career in a growing Nordic company, take a look at our vacancies and apply today - you won't regret it! 💚

A strongly growing challenger within financial services in Norway

The accounting industry is based on trust

The customer transfers their finances to a reliable partner, who reports on time and who helps with difficult questions regarding everything from accounting to taxation. If a collision occurs in this relationship, it may take a long time to build trust and the customer may have time to change partners. Because of this, we strongly believe in quality control and the benefits it brings. Many customers have been impressed by our quality control and believe that it is a major advantage in the accounting industry.

Now our international collection of offices covers the Nordic countries Finland, Sweden, Estonia and Norway!

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