HR HelpDesk

Do you have a question regarding HR related matters which requires a quick reply?

HR HelpDesk is a new service which we provide alongside our continuous and project-based HR Services. It serves as an easy tool to receive a quick reply for smaller ad hoc enquiries. HR HelpDesk is designed to serve every company - including those without a financial, payroll or HR service agreement with Greenstep. Our HR Service team members do their best to provide an answer to any HR-related question within 24 hours on weekdays. If we need to ask further details and we cannot provide a solution within the 24 hours, we will contact the customer. However, in any given case the matter will proceed within 24 hours.

HR HelpDesk enquiries often regard conventional matters related to the employment life cycle, such as collective agreement interpretation, act on annual leave, employment benefits, models for worktime tracking and travelling, sickness leaves, statutory insurances, occupational pension and wellbeing at work.

Other common matters where HR HelpDesk provides advice, are challenging statutory matters, such as co-operation practices, occupational safety and employment contracts act, termination of employment and discipline policies.

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