HR Kick Off Workshop

The HR Kick Off Workshop is a great way for SMEs to get an overview of HR management and its practices in a quick and comprehensive manner. Together we'll create a development plan for company to implement.

After the workshop, the customer will receive a prioritized target plan for all reviewed HR matters. The workshop is facilitated by an experienced HR expert and facilitator to ensure effective discussion making around important HR topics and to create a concrete action plan. The structure of the workshop is highly appreciated among corporate management teams, and it offers an engaging and collaborative opportunity that ensures participants' commitment to effective dialogues.

In Kick Off Workshops, we have often experienced enlightenment by realizing together that we have already done quite the right in HR matters. From here, all that is needed now is to invest in new things or develop existing practices even better. Through the Kick Off Workshop, we structure what all HR is, what we have already done, and where we could still develop.
-Sirpa Ontronen, Senior HR Consultant

HR Kick Off Workshop content:

  • An insight of the customer’s current situation from a business and personnel view
  • Together, modeling leadership style, mainly focusing on decision making and communication
  • Discussing the current status of HR, what it includes, what has been done, how and by whom and what is the target for the future
  • Based on the data we received from customer beforehand, we will review all HR legal related topics. Prioritize questions which need to be focused on to align with customer's strategies
  • A prioritized development plan for all HR matters and leadership

Benefits of the workshop:

  • A coherent understanding of the current situation and a concrete target for all HR matters and leadership
  • Engagement to the common goals
  • A general view on customer's legal responsibilities and compliance

  • A clear picture of all HR matters – current status, what can be done and what will be done and by whom
  • The result of the workshop will be a prioritized and scheduled development plan (road map) for all HR matters