Interim HR Services

HR on parental leave? Do you need an expert to carry out a critical HR project? A deficit in the HR team before the new recruitment? Greenstep’s experienced HR professionals will help you, whether you are a big or small company.

Greenstep offers interim HR services for companies of all sizes, from growth companies to large listed companies. The client receives our HR consultant as part of their organization for an agreed interim period, full-time or part-time, depending on their own needs. Our HR specialist works in an agreed role, e.g., as an HR manager or HR specialist, for an agreed period, such as family leave or projects.

More advanced growth companies typically utilize interim-HR Services in a resource swap situation when there is a need to maintain HR function during the transition period. In listed companies and other larger companies, needs can be broadly related to different HR activities.

Examples of the Interim HR service

Statutory and operational HR, such as:

    • Employment issues in general, supporting the superiors
    • Employment lifecycle management, related documents and tasks
    • Cooperation in a client company
    • Occupational health and safety responsibilities and activities

    Strategic HR and developing culture, such as:

    • Goal setting, monitoring and metrics, and facilitating an agile discussion process
    • Organizational planning and competence management
    • Development of supervision
    • HR reporting: to board, management and personnel
    • Internal communications
    • Ensuring the desired employee experience
    • Recruitment and orientation
    • Running daily HR routines and doing HR or being a strategic HR expert as a management partner

    Succeeding in an HR role requires excellent knowledge of labor law, business and industry. Good growth and profitability can be achieved through an excellent employee experience, which ensures an excellent customer experience. Greenstep's HR experts have extensive experience in various industries and the ability to spar with management related to human resource management and to provide management with relevant HR information to guide and drive business. We even support and challenge decision-makers to exceed their goals.

    Our HR consultant acts as the right hand of the client company's management and supervisors in HR matters. We clarify working together, create shared ways of working and help facilitate human resource management in the customer organization.

    Benefits of Interim HR:

    • The company will have access to a competent HR professional according to their needs,
    • Flexible and expert support for change, transition, or replacement,
    • Our HR consultants are experienced change managers and HR experts,
    • Clear and facilitated personnel management enables the company to grow,
    • Free up the resources of the company's management for the areas of its own business and their development,
    • The client company can be sure that all statutory matters are handled correctly and on time.

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